March musings April 02 2014, 1 Comment

Spring walks and even moments to sit on the beach and feel the sun warm on my face with a breeze around me has been wonderful. Moments to stop in the busyness of life are so key to regain ideas and get clarity on creations whizzing about in my head.  


Spring this year feels so very vibrant and alive, with our Jersey banks, high and full of yellow daffs and the many magnolias bursting into their ballerina like forms. Camelias are bountiful. Whisperings of wisteria are evident.  

Another exciting start to a month with meetings with delightful brides, all having wonderfully different ideas and requirements. How fun to work together to make a special day so very lovely

It has been a thrill to have been accepted as a Member of Genuine Jersey as I am passionate about the British flower and promoting local growers. I am hoping one bride’s wedding in particular will be a truly Genuine Jersey affair and rather wonderful that it will be held at Jersey Heritage site, Hamptonne. I have been in touch with local growers and am excited to work along side them and help promote local, Jersey, British flowers. Thank you Genuine Jersey!


Mother’s Day found Wilde Thyme exploding with beautiful blooms for many lucky mothers. Sign up to Wilde Thyme Whisperings on website and receive top tips on how best to care for your fabulous flowers and make you smile longer!