End of Summer September 03 2014, 2 Comments

 The end of Summer is often accompanied with  a wistfulness and sadness. The wishings for longer time in the sea, more sunshine, moments sitting on the sand. Family time. It all disappears in a trice with just smiley memories to nourish the cooler, darker, greyer days. 

  So being the beginning of September, I looked about for cheer, to ignite inspiration, and this is what I found . Simple, red leaves glowing in a bright flash of sunshine. 

  It wasn't just the vibrancy of the leaves but the details of the veins that struck me. Nature is so remarkably wonderful and giving, and much of it can be found here in our beautiful island. For me as a florist, and keen on conservation, one recent wedding has stood out. The bride and groom were adamant they did not want roses, naturally needing  to be imported from UK via Holland but wanted their special day filled with local flowers with the stars to be dahlias. 

 Way back when they booked me, at the beginning of the year,  I chatted to the lovely and clever Genuine Jersey grower Elise, at Forge Farm about the varieties of dahlias which I felt would be fabulous to grow for Becky and Michael. Cafe au Lait dahlias, literally the colour of the the milkiest latte and soft gentle pink varieties being the first preferences. I left the hard work to Elise and got on with the year. With two weeks to go I met up with Elise and the Cafe au Lait dahlias looked like they just were not going to arrive on time. Nature works on its own rhythms and although of course it can be tampered with, I prefer not to. I rang London in a slight panic to order pale coloured dahlias for the bouquet. The specific variety I wanted was unavailable, and so would have to make do with what they could send me. This scenario is far from ideal for a florist desperately wanting to give their client what they wanted. The Bride left the style and design to me but colours to use was very much her wish.

  The rest of the wedding decor was sorted as the marquee was to be filled with vibrancy and colour and the ever patient and kind Genuine Jersey grower Joe Friere had an abundance of bright dahlias so with buckets duly filled, hearts were beating on that one. 

 The Wedding was at beautiful Jersey Heritage Hamptonne. Chandelier streamers were made and a farm/festival style wedding evolved.


As miracles happen, I received an unexpected call from an excited Elise to say the dahlias were appearing, and appearing they were. Cafe au Lait Dinner Plates were unfurling before our eyes and put together with the palest astilbe and some soft fluffy scabious I knew Becky would have a bouquet that would really make her smile. Dinner plate dahlia I must add are, like their name suggests, huge!

Buttonholes were made from bright local zinnias. Being rather fascinated of the history of flowers and their meanings I thought I would share a few bits of flowery trivia with you! Zinnias mean lasting  friendship and affection. Wedding flower buttonholes originated from ancient Greece. The groom would wear a small bunch of flowers usually mixed with herbs pinned on the left of the jacket, close to the heart to ward off evil spirits which could turn his heart against his bride. Buttonholes then travelled to England during Medieval times, replacing ribbons previously worn. Knights of the Realm would wear their lady's colours upon their chest to show their ever lasting love and commitment. 

 So as you can see this wedding had its own special uniqueness especially given the abundance of local flowers

  Looking forward to the rest of the month, coming up is Spice on 13/14th September where you will be able to find a melange of Jersey artistic talent. Wilde Thyme will be there, and encouraging you, to get creative and have some flowery fun making things! Don't be shy it will be fun! 

 Marquee Solutions are holding a Wedding Fayre at Fort Regent on Sunday Sept 28th. So calling all you engaged couple,do come, chat and feel inspired by Wilde Thyme for your special day.  x