2016! January 21 2016, 0 Comments

Hello you lovelies, HAPPY HAPPY 2016 and wishing it be good and kind to you all, full of health, happiness, love and laughter.

Some of you know, some of you don't. I have an absolute passion for gorgeous stationary, diaries, note books, paper, and if the paper allows and I can use my ink pen, all the better! Fresh ink on a page is somehow more satisfying then biro, the anticipation of it drying, the hope of no unwanted splodge. It somehow slows the process down of putting thoughts to paper and in our busy hectic worlds of instance, immediacy, expectation and demand, these gentler softer minutiae in time are so precious. I am modern of course and have all the Apple i tech I could possibly need and most of it is synced and marching at breakneck speed with the rest of Life but I don't ever find myself shouting at stationary, I don't hate it for not working, curse its sometimes slowness, it is just acceptance, peace and pure pleasure. New Years are so often marked with the need and desire for new beginnings, for reflection at things that haven't worked and the knowledge that some things need to change. For me I need to slow down, I need to take out, to be quiet, to go away with my beautiful daughters and enjoy ourselves away from the hamster wheel of term and work, to laugh more, to love more. To also write more. All of which will enable me to create more and be happy even more. I have some exciting weddings already booked in including plans for workshops and fun to share with you all, so here is to a fabulous and lively 2016.

In December, a calendar came dropping out of your JEP. ( The local paper for those of you, dear friends off the isle) A Keep Jersey Farming Campaign calendar. Who in this weather of endless rain and flood would want to work the land? with hundreds of thousands of pounds of daffs this year already been wasted to the elements and unseasonal weather. Its a tough arduous life. I am not a farmer, I am a florist, but my business thrives because of the local flowers our wonderful growers and farmers produce. Wilde Thyme is all about seasonality, availability, being as British as I can be, and using what I can, when I can, that is grown here and combining it with my imported flowers. So, back to the calendar. I was asked to participate as a representative of Jersey's flower world and because there were few girls involved. I did hesitate, and took a long weekend of thought to ponder my decision. I had to ask my children, my parents and other immediate family and close friends and not one of them said don't do it. One child did say, do it as long as "no one can see your boobies Mummy because they look like wilted spinach" Nice! Thankfully local hydrangeas were a fabulous prop and in fact added volume where it was needed and discretion where required. In fact the whole experience was created in humour and fun, and I hope being Miss December 2016 won't put you off your Wintery porridge nor dampen your wish to use Wilde Thyme, but see it as a reminder to Shop Local, to support our wonderful farmers and growers and celebrate the Genuine Jersey produce that is grown for us. One of my biggest thrills of early morning starts and lighter days are my visits to local farms for flowers and coming home with my arms, full of the freshest produce ready to re work it into beautiful arrangements for you, homes and happiness.

 XX Clara   Wilde Thyme